Friday, November 4, 2011

Using Your Carrying Concealed Weapon License

Caller: If you have a CCW license, do you have to use the license when carrying?

If you are walking down the street and someone sticks you up, and you realize that you need to pull out and use your gun or be killed, if you reasonably fear serious bodily injury or death, you are then entitled to use blunt force to protect yourself including mortal force. There is no duty to retreat in Wisconsin.

You don't have to talk to anyone, including police, without your lawyer present. Having your attorney present is your Constitutional Right; assert it in all instances in which any law enforcement agent wants to question you. You can say, "I will be happy to answer your questions, but I need to get my lawyer here for that." If you use your weapon - even justifiably, you should have your lawyer present in answering questions.

If police ask to search you, you need not consent to the search. You may not want to consent to the search for various reasons such as if there might be contraband in a pocket that you aren't aware was placed there.

If you have used your weapon even in self defense, you should immediately contact your lawyer before notifying police.

The simple act of pointing a gun has been charged as reckless endangerment in the state of Wisconsin and most notably in Madison. You should not speak with law enforcement without your attorney present.
If you plan to apply for a concealed weapons permit and carry a concealed weapon, you should also carry the name and number of your criminal defense lawyer for situations that might arise.

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