Friday, November 4, 2011

Carrying Concealed Weapon: Use & Judges

Who decides who will judge you? The caller states, "If I use my concealed weapon, who will judge whether it was reasonable?"

If you are charged with a crime - a homicide in the context of the caller's question - you have a right to face your accusers and to have a decision made about the reasonableness of your actions (which ultimately determines whether you are found guilty or not guilty of the criminal charge or charges), and you have a right to a trial by a jury.

The term 'a jury of your peers' often leads people to believe that the jurors will be people of like interests and concerns. But the reality is that the jury of your peers in Madison, Wisconsin, for example, aren't going to be 12 members of the NRA, like you; they'll be a mix of men and women, old and young, some tied to the University and the vast majority from within the confines of the belt line.

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