Friday, November 4, 2011

When can you pull the gun?

Caller: What is the definition of the word threatened? What does it mean? When can you pull the gun?

If a person is carrying concealed, they will be more likely to use a gun to protect themselves.

There are two elements to self defense. The first is that you sincerely believe that you are in a situation in which you will be killed, nearly killed or very seriously injured. The second is that your belief that you were at great risk was reasonable under the circumstances.

The type of situation then that might give rise to that type of situation for pulling the gun is one in which there is eminent danger such that you believe you will be killed or gravely injured. It means that your life, or the life of someone else in your presence, is in immediate deadly danger.

Every person in possession of a concealed weapon should have a number handy of a criminal defense lawyer who is experienced in both defending people against criminal charges and with Wisconsin's various gun laws so that you can call them if ever you should use your gun to protect yourself.