Friday, November 4, 2011

Castle Doctrine & Concealed Carry

Caller: What is my castle? I live in low income housing and manage the complex. Is it the apartment complex I manage my castle? Can I carry concealed on the complex?

Let’s break down the questions.

First, what is your castle?

Your castle is your home.

Next, is the apartment complex that you manage your castle?

No, it is not your home.

If you live in an apartment at that complex, your apartment is your castle. People who rent an apartment live in the apartment as their home, hence it is their castle and they are entitled to all the rights and privileges of using it as their home including protecting themselves or their family while in it.

Can I carry concealed on the apartment complex?

While you may have a right to protect yourself – even defend yourself with lethal force – at the apartment complex such as if a person were in your rental office pointing a gun at you, I’d be very careful not to go around the apartment complex with a gun on my side.