Friday, November 4, 2011

Carrying Concealed in Wisconsin with Iowa Permit?

Caller: I am a resident of Iowa, moving to Wisconsin. I have an Iowa permit. Can I carry concealed in Wisconsin with my Iowa permit? Under Iowa law, you can use your DD214; does that apply in Wisconsin?

Let's separate these questions.

Can a person with a permit to carry concealed from Iowa carry concealed in Wisconsin?

No. Wisconsin law requires a person who wishes to carry concealed in Wisconsin to apply for, be approved for and carry a license issued by the State of Wisconsin Department of Justice to carry a concealed weapon.

The State of Wisconsin Department of Justice has identified the states that require similar background checks. In the future, the Wisconsin DOJ may enter into reciprocity agreements with those states, but you should not rely upon rumor or websites to verify whether such privileges exist; everyone should check the laws of the state in which they wish to carry concealed.

Does a DD214 qualify one for a concealed carry license?

A DD214 is the form giving to people when they separate from a military position.

According to the State of Wisconsin Department of Justice website, one of the valid proofs of having completed gun safety training is a DD214. In cases where a DD214 is accepted as proof of having completed a gun safety training course, there are other background checks that must be conducted before an application is approved. Notably, there may be situations in which a DD214 will not suffice.

Helpful information:
State of Wisconsin Department of Justice website