Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sexual Assault Of A Minor Child

My boyfriend and I have dated for two years. My mother thinks we are having sex and says she is going to have my boyfriend arrested. He's 19, but we told my mother he was 16, and I'm 14. Can my boyfriend be arrested if I agreed to have sex with him? My mother thinks he is a minor!



Regardless of whether your mother believes he is 16, the fact of the matter is that you are a minor, and it is illegal for a minor to have sexual intercourse or engage in any form of sexual conduct with another person regardless of the other person's age. Under Wisconsin law, a minor cannot agree (give consent) to have sex with another person (minor or adult).

If your mother files a report with the police, your boyfriend's identification information will reveal his true age, and the police will share that information with your mother. Once that report is filed, and whether your mother wants charges pressed, the police are required to investigate any sexual assault complaint involving a minor.

If your boyfriend is charged with sexual assault of a minor, he will be arrested. If he is convicted of sexual assault of a minor, the court can sentence him to imprisonment in a county jail or a prison, fine him, or both. As well, Wisconsin courts usually sentence people convicted of sexual assault of a minor to probation and require the offender to register with the sex offender registry, which will have a very devastating effect on his future jobs, activities, and even his residence. A convicted sex offender is prohibited from working in jobs involving children. A registered sex offender cannot go where children may be present such as a high school dances (even if his or her child is at that dance), or public places where children would likely gather such as amusement or water parks.

Under Wisconsin law, it is also illegal for your adult boyfriend to expose himself to you, entice you to have sex or expose yourself to him, or even have contact with you of a sexual nature.

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